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Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Here is the list of solutions that passed the Load Testing for TSQL Challenge 44 – Identify products that belong to each unique color combinations. Here is the script used to generate the test data.

#AuthorReadsWritesCPUDuration (Sec)Read RankWrite RankCPU RankDuration RankCombined Rank
1Leszek Gniadkowski7674364111131511.370911226
2Leszek Gniadkowski7674364111133411.404111338
3Leszek Gniadkowski8956155041222512.3012224412
4Leszek Gniadkowski13070045043267532.7271425516
5Dalibor Margotic13393756343412534.1834578828
6Leszek Gniadkowski19077705073282232.88181636631
7Ryan Lindsey124723517474415344.21543109931
8mark cowne16362896145830358.381876101033
9bert dehaes16351455235926259.312565111133
10Leszek Gniadkowski19816025103300633.06151847736
11Stefan G1912532318034683.628917181137
12Razvan Socol165664718295951559.5732912121245
13Tihomir Purgar165664218355957859.6396813131347
14leonid koyfman178337818015978159.82561211141451
15kevan riley18335736546002560.0754149151553
16Dalibor Margotic165782819176010960.17481115161658
17kevan riley18335776526020960.2623158181859
18jon gurgul165764419056021860.29371014191962
19Divya Agrawal178756619276020360.23201316171763
20peter haines41814832701157065157.21371917202076

Note that the challenges are 'always ON', which means that you can submit a solution at any time. You can submit a new solution even after the results are published. If your solution is disqualified due to one of the reasons given above, you can re-submit a new version of the challenge at any time.

Never submitted a solution? Or got a new/different version? Submit it

Test Machine Configuration
  • OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
  • Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3110 @3.00GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • System Type: 32 Bit Operating System
  • SQL Server Version: SQL Server 2008 RTM
Not Happy with the configuration or Test Data?
  • Give us access to a SQL Server instance running on a server with a different configuration and we can run the tests there.
  • Suggest alternate load testing data and we will be happy to redo the testing with your data.
  • Contact us

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