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SQL Server TSQL Quiz 2011 - Quiz Masters

  • Vinod Kumar

    Vinod Kumar works as a Technology Evangelist (Databases and BI) with Microsoft India specializing primarily on SQL Server. He has been working in the industry on various Microsoft technologies for the past 8+ years and been MVP - SQL Server for more than 3+ years before joining Microsoft.
  • Madhivanan JR, Microsoft MVP

    Madhivanan is a SQL Server MVP, working as an assistant Project Manager at Ellaar Infotek, Chennai, India. He holds a Master Degree in Computer Science. See his blog.
  • Peter Larsson, Microsoft MVP

    Peter is a SQL Server MVP, currently working as a data warehouse architect and developer. His key skill is performance tuning and thinking outside the box. See his blog.
  • Serge J

    I'm a developper in an average sized company since about 4 years. I mainly work with C# (+SQL Server), PHP (+MySQL) on websites or windows apps. My four main objectives when I develop are in order of importtance: 1) providing usefulls functionnalities 2) with an user-friendly interface 3) at a low performance cost 4) and based on maintainable code.
  • Jesse Roberge

    I am a SQL Server Database Developer with 12 years experience with a web development background. My core skillset is is hardcore set-based SQL Development, database performance tuning, and schema design & Normalization on Microsoft SQL Server. I have released several utility procs to under the L-GPL license to help the SQL Server community diagnose problems and optimize performance Do-It-Yourself to save some big bucks for expensive consultants or save time writing DMV-querying scripts themselves.
  • Robert Pearl, Microsoft MVP

    Robert Pearl, President of Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc. , and SQL MVP, has grown through the ranks as a solutions-oriented Senior Database Administrator/Engineer and has over 12+ years of experience in the management of critical database operations. His focus has allowed him to become an expert in Microsoft SQL technology.
  • David BARBARIN, Microsoft MVP

    David BARBARIN is a France and Switzerland-based consultant DBA, author of several articles. He is a Microsoft MVP in SQL Server administration and performance. See David's french blog, english blog,and french articles.
  • Michael Coles, Microsoft MVP

    Michael Coles is a New Jersey-based independent consultant, contributor to the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives book, and author of several books and articles. He is a Microsoft MVP specializing in SQL Server development.
  • Ritesh Shah

    Ritesh Shah is an author of many technical article on Microsoft Technology, especially on SQL-Server, .NET technology like C# and ASP.Net etc. He is having 9+ year of experience in IT industry and working as Project Leader and Database Administrator.

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