Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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  • Design a high availability architecture

    Your task is design the high availability architecture that should comprise the above 3 features of SQL Server 2008 R2. Further the solution must comprise no downtime to the application having the explanation for each step you will need to follow in design, develop and implement the solution. In addition to that you must explain the failover and failback of the databases, including the recovery time for the application. Also discuss the pros and cons about the solution you are proposing.
    Quiz Date: 09/25/2011 | Satya Jayanty (@sqlmaster) | View Question Details | Evaluation Completed
  • Data storage problem

    You're migrating an old system into SQL Server back-end. In one of the tables you're currently working on you had a description field. You ran a statement to find the average and maximum length of that column and found 500 and 3785 respectively...
    Quiz Date: 09/24/2011 | Naomi | View Question Details | Evaluation Completed
  • Dynamic Date Conversion on Legacy Systems

    Many legacy systems from the 20th century stored dates as decimals due to limitations of the technology at the time. For example 08/03/2011 would be stored as a decimal with value 20110803. Modern reporting platforms that enable self-service reporting like [Izenda Reports][1] require dates to be stored in the proper format. Assuming there are a large number of fields with this structure but the name is always the same, what would be a simple way to convert the decimal to a proper date type?
    Quiz Date: 09/22/2011 | Sanjay Bhatia | View Question Details | Evaluation Completed

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