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SQLServer Quiz 2011 - Mass Mailing Your Report

  • You have a SSRS report that takes 3 parameters

    1. Begin Date (you have set it to a default value which is the Beignning of the Reporting Month)

    2. End Date (you have set it to a default value which is the current date)

    3. Decision Type (it is a multi-valued parameter, you have set it "Select All" from a defaut list that comes from a dataset query)

      Possible Decision Types are: Approval, Decline, Info Needed, First Level Management Review, Other

    Business has asked you to send the report in an Email as an Excel attachment. Requirements are:

    1. The Email needs to have event-driven behavior (as soon as the data is updated daily)

    2. The report will only have data from the previous day (not month-to-date)

    3. When the Decision Type is Approval, send the email to
      When the Decision Type is Other than Approval, send the email to

    Please implement a solution on Microsoft BI platform, with the following considerations:

    1. Do not modify the current SSRS report

    2. The solution needs to be data-driven and can be automated

    3. Constant manual intervention is not acceptable

    Posted on 06-11-2011 00:00 |
    Sherry Li
    14 · 12% · 3827

4  Answers  

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  • Score

    Create a data driven subscription Write a query that returns the parameters and recipients that includes the logic for the date In the delivery options set the render format, file extension

    Replied on Jun 15 2011 10:54AM  . 
    574 · 0% · 65
  • Score

    For Mass Mailing the created report, use data driven subscription. Set Subscriber data external source connection information, Write a query to extract dynamic data that drives the subscription, Set Delivery extension information. The query returns a rowset each time the Data-Driven Subscription is processed.

    Replied on Jun 18 2011 7:14AM  . 
    V Shah
    257 · 1% · 176
  • Score
    1. Create subscription of report to export report as pdf.
    2. Create SQL Job then Read member table for name and email of recipient and send mail using db mail.
    Replied on Jul 4 2011 2:19AM  . 
    Alpesh Patel
    36 · 5% · 1662
  • Score

    We need to have rendering formate as parameter(Which is excel) and a data driven subscription with a recepent as parameter during rendering of the report !!

    Replied on Jul 7 2011 1:07AM  . 
    Vishal Pawar
    24 · 7% · 2239

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