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SQLServer Quiz 2011 - How do you track your variable values in SSIS?

  • Describe the steps required to enable auditing of variable value changes in an SSIS package to a table in a SQL Server database?

    Posted on 06-20-2011 00:00 |
    Rushabh Mehta
    1040 · 0% · 25

4  Answers  

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    1.Set the "EvaluateasExpression" property of the variable as True.

    2.Set the "RaiseChangedEvent" property of the variable as True.

    3.Create an event handler for the "OnVariableValueChanged" event for the container in which the variable is scoped.

    4.Add an execute sql task in event handler to insert the current value of the varibale in a table by writing the Insert statement and passing the variable as parameter.

    Replied on Jun 20 2011 8:47AM  . 
    Nitesh Rai
    139 · 1% · 361
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    Create copy of variable. OnvariableValueChanged event on PAckage.

    Replied on Jul 6 2011 7:06AM  . 
    Alpesh Patel
    36 · 5% · 1662
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    OnVariableValueChanged Event On Package and maintain some log file for tracking those values in it.

    Replied on Jul 6 2011 11:47PM  . 
    Manoj Bhadiyadra
    148 · 1% · 335
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    I have a blog post to show how I logged variable values to the default logging table [dbo].[sysssislog]. The log is created "when the variable value changes".

    My example uses the OnVariableValueChanged event (and its scoped variable [System::VariableValue]) to run an Execute SQL Task that writes values to the table. Of course, the Execute SQL Task can be easily modified to log the variable values to your own custom table.

    Replied on Jan 6 2015 10:01AM  . 
    2419 · 0% · 5

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