Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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1st Prize - Apple iPad

.NET General Quiz 2011 - Quiz Masters

  • Hima Vejella, Microsoft MVP

    Hima Bindu Vejella has been a Microsoft MVP and member for the Community-Credit Hall of Fame since 2006, and is currently working as a Team Manager at Prokarma Softech in Hyderabad, where she makes excellent use of her vast experience in software development using Microsoft Technologies. She is also an active community leader, as well as an author for aspalliance, dotnetslackers, PCQuest and, recently, Simple-Talk. She is a speaker, Book-Reviewer, DotnetUserGroupHyderabad India Lead, a Moderator at syntaxhelp, a INETA APAC Volenteer, a regular columnist for MUNDO.NET, and a Technical Member at dotnetspider.
  • Ritesh Shah

    Ritesh Shah is an author of many technical article on Microsoft Technology, especially on SQL-Server, .NET technology like C# and ASP.Net etc. He is having 9+ year of experience in IT industry and working as Project Leader and Database Administrator.
  • Brian Rasmussen, Microsoft MVP

    Brian Rasmussen works as a chief developer at SimCorp in Copenhagen, Denmark. He's a frequent speaker at technical events, an avid blogger, a grinding Stackoverflow user and a Microsoft MVP for C# (since 2008).
  • Jalpesh Vadgama, Microsoft MVP

    Jalpesh vadgama an Microsoft MVP for Visual C# and BrainBench Certified ASP.NET Developer having more then 5 years of experience in .NET Technology.
  • Roger Peters, Microsoft MVP

    Roger Peters is a senior Silverlight developer at IQ, a digital agency in the Atlanta metro area. Primarily focused on client facing applications in the Microsoft development stack, Roger has over 7 years experience in authoring and architecting C# .Net applications. Roger began learning WPF in the summer of 2008 and became solely focused on Silverlight development in May of 2009.
  • Dhananjay Kumar

    He is a Microsoft MVP on Connected System and Senior System Engineer at Infosys Technologies
  • Niall Merrigan, Microsoft MVP

    He is a qualified application developer, database administrator and software architect with over 10 years professional experience in designing and implementing solutions for government and blue chip companies using multiple languages and database systems.He has strong analytical skills with excellent project experience.He is team leader and programming instructor having varied experience in user support and networking.He has also experience in managing large complex projects from initial concept to deployment and support.
  • Anoop Madhusudanan, Microsoft MVP

    Anoop Madhusudanan is a Microsoft MVP in Client Application Development, and works with Marlabs Inc ( as a Solution Architect. He is also an active blogger at and maintains few open source frameworks at CodePlex including XamlAspnetMvc, WPF extensibility framework (Wex), Silverlight etc ( See ).
  • Rami Reddy

    RamiReddy has been working on Microsoft technologies from Past 5 years, Currently working in Computer Science Corporation. He actively participates in MSDN forums and ASP.NET forums, where he is all-star member.
  • Hilton Giesenow, Microsoft MVP

    Hilton has been developing software professionally since 1997. Focused primarily on Microsoft tools and technologies, he lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa as a principal consultant, software architect and technical lead on enterprise and large-scale Internet projects. With experience ranging across a wide variety of platforms, client types and locations, Hilton is a Microsoft MVP, a regional lead for S.A. and and a top-rated speaker at professional, community and academic events and conferences. He also produces video content for MSDN and TechNet, and hosts a SharePoint podcast at Find his random ramblings at

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