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Find out the new features and enhancements added in Visual Studio 2012.


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Visual Studio 2012 - Preview tab to quickly glance at the contents of the files

Jun 26 2012 12:00AM by Ramireddy   

In Visual Studio 2012, Solution explorer is enhanced with many features. One of the features very useful for developers is "Preview tab". As a developer, while looking for some information or while understanding the project, Its required to open various files, go through those files and close them. While reviewing the changes made by other developers also its required to open those files, go through those changes and close them all.

Preview tab will makes these tasks simpler. You can find the "Preview tab" button in right most side in Solution Explorer.

alt text

Don't confuse with the name "Preview Selected Items" that we can select multiple files and can preview all those files in single click. Its not correct. It indicates it will preview the file, which you selected.

Once the "Preview tab" is on, when a file is selected, that file will open in right side of code pane, with tab color in "gray". In below screen shot, you can see the site.master file opened in preview mode colored in gray .

alt text

When another file is selected, it will close the previously previewed file automatically and in same place, it will open the newly selected file. But if a file which is already opened in normal mode is selected, it will highlight that file only, it will not open that file in preview tab.

If you want to keep the previewed file always open, click on the button "Keep Open". This will ensures that this file is open, even when another file is selected for preview.

alt text

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Category : Solution Explorer Enhancements
Release : RC
Tags : Preview tab

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"Visual Studio 2012 - Preview tab to quickly glance at the contents of the files " rated 5 out of 5 by 2 readers
Visual Studio 2012 - Preview tab to quickly glance at the contents of the files , 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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