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HTML 5 - Figure tag

Mar 11 2012 12:00AM by Ramireddy   

HTML 5 introduced "Figure" tag, which helps screen readers to semantically analyze the page content. From the name "Figure", often developers misunderstand this tag and will think of related only to images. However, "Figure" tag belongs to more broader category as it refers not only to images, also to any independent content, which can live without main content in the webpage. Optionally this tag can have caption also.

Example 1:

A Figure tag can have an image with caption

        <img src="Flowers.jpg" alt="Flowers are beautiful"/>

Example 2:

A Figure tag can have audio,video files also.

        <audio controls>
            <source src="Omkareswari.mp3"  type="audio/mpeg"></source>      

Note: This tag almost resembles aside tag. There is a slight difference between usage of aside tag and figure tag. If the content is not required, then use aside tag. If the content is essential, then use figure tag.

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