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  • Querying SQL logs to get ISA traffic

    Thanks Latheesh on answering my query around time on MSDN. Can I also check why the servers accessed ISA? Like URL or application/username. I ran the following query, (thanks to you again)select clientusername,Max(logtime)from webproxylogwhere logtime >...
    Microsoft SQL Server  · TSQL  · DBA  · ISA
    strike3test  Posted on Mar 11 2014 12:00AM
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    Serial number generation in T-SQL

    I need output for the below sample. the trip number has to be generated for each carrier, truck, trip eligibility combination. but if the trip eligibility has 'N' then the previous row trip number should be considered. i.e. the elibility flag 'N' indica...
    Microsoft SQL Server  · TSQL
    imrajesh  Posted on Jan 16 2014 12:00AM
    Last reply by Leszek Gniadkowski at 2014-02-05 02:56:55
  • SRSS First Last Running Total 2012

    I have a requirement to take Sales figures for 2013 -2013, then sum the rolling total I have =Last(Fields!Tot.Value) - First(Fields!Tot.Value) This works great, I get my figures being the difference per Month 1 ...
    Microsoft SQL Server  · TSQL  · DBA
    IanM  Posted on Jan 30 2014 12:00AM
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