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Need help in Index Choosing

Aug 5 2014 12:00AM by fahadyaseen1   

 Suppose we have a table “Employee” having column “age” in it. The table “employee” might have a data of different age groups according to their designations. The employee at high levels of post like Project Manager, Managing director etc has different age group when we are comparing it with other junior or senior level employees.


You have studied various indexing techniques for random access and better organization of data. By having a context of above scenario; if you have given an option to choose one indexing technique from two below indexes, which you would like to choose that will help to get optimized results? 


§         Clustered index

§         Un-clustered/Non-clustered index


I have to choose only one technique out of the two and give valid reasons to support my answer.Please help me in detail answer.


This is first post here.expect good response from here 

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  • its simple...answer this question 1) will you search by age? if so how frequently?

    Let me explain cluster first "a clustered index basically contains the actual table level data in the index itself." - So consider this to use it for identity(what makes you unique, but that none should have). If you use your age field as cluster what will happen?

    commented on Dec 8 2014 12:36PM
    Robert Dennyson
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