Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur



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    Repeater - Export to Excel

    Hello All, My Repeater control and Item Databinding written programmatically by implements the ITemplate. Now having problem to export the repeater to excel sheet.there is no error message, but unable to see any details in the excel file. Please see ...
    Suyambu  Posted on Aug 3 2012 12:00AM
    Last reply by Suyambu at 2012-08-22 08:54:48
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    How to integrate?

    Hi All, How to integrate digital persona U are U 4500 scanner device to web application? I have develop one web application( with c# coding. But i want to integrate finger print scanner device ("Digital Persona U are U 4500") to my web applica...
    ASP.NET  · C#.NET
    kmuralikrishna53  Posted on Jun 27 2012 12:00AM
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    record lock

    i am developing ecommerce application for a retail shop. It's c# with sql server database. Every item has a individual stock and if it is running out of stock , needs to show the message to the customer like "out of stock ". For every transac...
    Microsoft SQL Server  · ASP.NET  · C#.NET
    anuvarshini  Posted on Jun 11 2012 12:00AM
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