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Few Data Platform Trends in SQL Server World

Jul 11 2012 12:00AM by Satya Jayanty (@sqlmaster)   


I know this is little out of synch post to that of my series which I started few weeks back. Well one could guess on what I am doing when I don't write my series posts, but keep talking on some other content. Yes that's the truth, need of the hour makes me do different, and write on different topics.

Few days back I was asked to list down a bunch of Data Platform trends thats most happening or would happen in the database market. I had my short list after little analysis, and plenty of reading. I also had to share basis of my listing of trends in some areas which I built after few hours of comprehending the archives of links I had with me.

I thought I will share with the community on few best trends that I happen to observe in the market for SQL Server, links that lead me to think that ways and also how do I put it into use.


Topic Name


Mobile BI

MSDN Webcast: Deliver Mobile BI Dashboards to Any Device by Using XAML and HTML5 (Level 200)

Power View, PASS and Mobile

WP7 Cloud BI

Leveraging Microsoft Azure for Mobile BI

Extending the Reach of Microsoft BI to Virtually Any Mobile Device

Microsoft's plan for bringing its BI tools to iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices

Cloud BI

Does Microsoft have a story for Cloud BI in UK Health?

Microsoft Cloud BI Update 2012

Microsoft SQL Server Data Mining for the Cloud

Microsoft Cloud BI Update 2012

A gist of Cloud BI (a part of an series of Microsoft Cloud BI Update 2012)

Microsoft Mobile Cloud BI WP7 App Sample v2.0

Analyst Outlines Microsoft's Cloud, Mobile and BI Efforts in 2012

Big Data with High Performance Analysis

Microsoft Big Data Solution


Microsoft Big Data at Hadoop Summit


MSFT Big Data Hadoop on Windows


Microsoft's Hadoop roadmap reveals new big data deliverables


Unleash Insights on Data with Microsoft Big Data


Apache hadoop for windows server and windwos azure


Big data buzz gets louder with Apache Hadoop and Hive


Analyzing some ‘Big’ Data Using C#, Azure And Apache Hadoop - Analyzing Stack Overflow Data Dumps


Microsoft's Big Play for Big Data


Big Data, Hadoop and StreamInsight

Please feel free to share your thoughts too.


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Satya Jayanty (@sqlmaster)
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