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Jack Vamvas's Blog

DB2 extend database server capacity

Jan 19 2011 7:48AM by Jack Vamvas   

A quick solution for extending capacity on a database server is normally a) add more memory b) add disk space and expand containers C) additional processors d)add partitions.

If adding more procesors and system is SMP the processors will automatically share storage resources and memory. Consider any changes that may need to occur to the following parameters:

Default degree (dft_degree)

Default degree configuration parameter Default value = 1 and is equivalent to no intra-partition parallelism. If -1, the optimizer decides n level of intra-partition parallelism.

Maximum degree of parallelism (max_querydegree)

(Maximum degree of intra-partition parallelism )If -1, the optimizer decides otherwise set relevant value.

Enable intra-partition parallelism (intra_parallel)

Defiines whether the database manager can use intra partition parallelism.

Dont necessarily make changes to the parameters prior to a proper review and testing of the impact of these changes.

If adding more partitions and the database manager is currently on a partitioned database environment then storage resources# memory can be increased by adding either single or multi processor partitions.. Each partition manages its own resources. The main advantage of this approach is that data and user audit can be balanced over different systems. Keep in mind that this could cause other problems so some planning and testing is required.

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Jack Vamvas
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