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Learn about SQL Server DBA, SQL Server database performance,SQL Server optimisation,database tuning,t-sql,ssis
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Jack Vamvas's Blog

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    DB2 logging factors and mincommit

    1. The purpose of mincommit is to delay the write to disk of the log records. The count is the number of commits. Depending on your app, you may have to consider increasing logbufsz Test thoroughly ......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Feb 9 2011 7:04AM
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    SQL Server statistics and Datawarehouse

    An ETL based process importing data into a Datawarehouse was experiencing some sever performance problems. The job normally takes 4 hrs – but on this occasion was still running after 10 hrs. Application support contacted me, to analyse the cause. Talking to application support – they ......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Feb 5 2011 5:34AM
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    Synchronous statistics collections

    An interesting feature of the RUNSTATS facility – as well as collecting statistics asynchronously (in the background), it can also set a synchronous collection – at statement compilation time If the real time statistics is enabled – the optimizer makes the decision. Real statisti......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jan 24 2011 7:38AM
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    DB2 extend database server capacity

    A quick solution for extending capacity on a database server is normally a) add more memory b) add disk space and expand containers C) additional processors d)add partitions. If adding more procesors and system is SMP the processors will automatically share storage resources and memory. Co......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jan 19 2011 7:48AM
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    SQL Server – refresh all Views

    The strict definition of a SQL Server View is a virtual table that presents table(s) data. Using the sp_refreshView – updates the metadata of the the view. Any view depends on underlying objects – and from time to time these objects are changed. Typically this is useful when a column i......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jan 12 2011 6:36AM
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    Query baseline testing

    To retain cosnsistency for baseline testing and assist in query tuning use the following 2 commands: Use DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS to flush out already cached plans.This will force the SQL Statement to recompile intstead of re using the cache available Use DBCC FREEPROCCACHE to clear buffers from the ......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on May 8 2010 5:39AM
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