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Learn about SQL Server DBA, SQL Server database performance,SQL Server optimisation,database tuning,t-sql,ssis
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Jack Vamvas's Blog

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    Database Virtual Server Candidacy Criteria

    Migrating database servers, often requires decisions on whether to virtualize. There are plenty of tests, criteria and documentation on metrics for testing on virtualized database servers. I’m working on a large data centre migration. One of the objectives is to list out database servers ......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jul 13 2011 5:55AM
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    Optimize query for LIKE

    I received a question from a client yesterday : "We've implemented a query with LIKE in the WHERE clause. But if I want to search for a suffix (LIKE '%suffix') an Index Scan is used and takes very long. Is there any way that SQL Server does an Index Seek in case of LIKE '%suffix'? How can I optimize......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jul 10 2011 6:43AM
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    Excel Connect to SQL Server

    Connecting to SQL Server from Excel is an easy process. Users want to distribute an Excel document, for example, within a network. Particuarly as there are plenty of libraries the user can access from Excel as a presentation layer. To implement this solution you will need: Microsoft Excel Vi......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jul 9 2011 6:46AM
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    SQL Server Import Data from DB2 AS400 iSeries

    A SQL Server Import Data from DB2 AS400 iSeries is straightforward, once you’ve overcome a few problems. A common error message on a SSIS import is: Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code paged Associated with the following types of detailed error mess......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jul 8 2011 6:56AM
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    DBA and the end of time management

    Time management, Parkinsons Law and the Pareto Principle make up this post. I’ve just finished reading “The 4-hour work week” by Timothy Ferriss. It arrived as a birthday present from my children. Were they trying to tell me something?? I work as a DBA full......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jul 5 2011 7:21AM
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    Capacity Planning

    There are certain best practises for Capacity Planning to follow when considering SQL Server Production environment. 1)Check that the hardware is modular and will facilitate hardware upgrades, if the databases outgrow the the current hardware set up 2)Carry out a reali......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Jul 4 2011 7:32AM
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