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Learn about SQL Server DBA, SQL Server database performance,SQL Server optimisation,database tuning,t-sql,ssis
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Jack Vamvas's Blog

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    SQL Server Full Text Search Optimization

    I read and used an excellent tip on: The basic problem revolved around full text searches using WHERE predicates.For example: SELECT * FROM ads p INNER JOIN containstable(properties, description, 'car') t ON p.PropertyID = t.[key......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Mar 28 2007 6:57AM
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    OpenXML - more than 8000 characters

    An excellent script to deal with XML documents that are greater than 8000 characters Use it like: DECLARE @hDoc int EXEC usp_OpenXML_From_File 'c:\myXMLfile.xml', @hDoc OUTPUT SELECT * FROM OPENXML(@hDOC, '/rss/channel/item',2) WITH ( title varchar(200), link varchar(400), descripti......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Mar 26 2007 7:01AM
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    SQL Server Log Check

    Returns records form the error log based on search terms DECLARE @SERVER NVARCHAR(50) SET @SERVER = 'SERVER1\INSTANCE' DECLARE @sqlStatement1 VARCHAR(200) SET @sqlStatement1 = @SERVER + '.master.dbo.xp_readerrorlog' CREATE TABLE #Errors (vchMessage varchar(2000), ID int) --CREATE INDEX idx_m......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Mar 19 2007 7:03AM
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    SQL Server Database size Check

    SQL Server database and file size is returned in this script, compared to total and free disk space. It also displays the number of Kb that each database file will grow by on the next extend. /****************************************************************** * * SQL Server Disk Space Check ......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Mar 17 2007 7:04AM
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    List Foreign Key Constraints -MS SQL

    select c_c_u.table_name sr_c_table, c_c_u.constraint_name sr_c_constraint, c_c_u.column_name sr_c_col, k_c_u.table_name target_table, k_c_u.column_name target_col from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CONSTRAINT_COLUMN_USAGE c_c_u, INFORMATION_SCHEMA.REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS r_......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Mar 12 2007 8:07AM
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