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Learn about SQL Server DBA, SQL Server database performance,SQL Server optimisation,database tuning,t-sql,ssis
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Jack Vamvas's Blog

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    DB2 USERSPACE1 is full

    After a period of usage – quite often I see these type of messages on the monitoring reports. USERSPACE1 in MYDB has 98 pct used. Instance: MyInstance The first step I take is: Db2 connect to MYDB db2 list tablespace containers for 2 show detail. Tablespace ID ......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Dec 31 2010 7:22AM
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    TSM ACO5422E BackUp failure and OOM on SQL server

    This message appeared on the error logs this morning: “Backup of MYDB failed. ACO5422E Received the following from the MS SQL server: An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. BackupVirtualDeviceSet::SetBufferParms: Request large buffers failure on backup device......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Dec 30 2010 7:26AM
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    DB2 V95 uninstall itma

    One of our system administrators – who manages the Integrated Tivoli Monitoring Applications (ITMA) - noticed that the ITM package that ships with DB2 V95 was installed. As he manages separate installs of ITM – the request was to uninstall the ITM from the particular Linux Server. Un......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Dec 30 2010 7:25AM
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    List all indexes of all tables

    If you require a list of every index on every table on a database use the query below SELECT T.[name] AS [table_name], I.[name] AS [index_name] FROM sys.[tables] AS T INNER JOIN sys.[indexes] I ON T.[object_id] = I.[object_id] WHERE I.[type_desc] 'HEAP' ORDER BY T.[name], I.[index_i......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Dec 29 2010 7:28AM
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    Last time a stored procedure was executed

    Quite often, this question appears on forums or on various jobs."Is there any way that I can tell when a stored procedure was last executed or who executed it? Is there any execution history that I can look at?" The following query will assist in telling you what time a stored procedure was last ex......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Dec 27 2010 7:30AM
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    SQL server OLE Automation memory pressure

    Focus on the following areas: 1)OLE Automation usage that is causing VAS pressure\fragmentation 2)Excessive Linked Server Usage 3)Custom Extended Stored Procedure 4)3rd Party Backup Application (such as Redgate SQL Backup) using to large of a Network Packet Size. 5)Your applications are connec......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Dec 18 2010 7:54AM
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