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Learn about SQL Server DBA, SQL Server database performance,SQL Server optimisation,database tuning,t-sql,ssis
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Jack Vamvas's Blog

  • 2

    RAID server configuration and disk amounts

    Choosing the optimal amount of disks for a RAID server configuration and block sizes can be a challenge. Typical questions from the SAN\Storage guy to the DBA are: “How many disks in a RAID configuration?” “What is the optimal block size?” “What MB\sec throughput?&......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 17 2011 3:12AM
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  • 3

    10x DBA

    A couple of years ago, I heard some new terms: “10x developer” and “2x developer”. A 10x developer seemed to complete tasks almost instantly. A 2x developer took a long time to complete a task. These terms can also be applied to other jobs such ......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 16 2011 7:51AM
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    Calculate table size with existing data

    Calculate the physical size of a SQL Server database table (data and indexes), if rows exist. These steps present a good estimate Use sp_spaceused ‘myTableName’. To maintain up to date data, use DBCC UPDATEUSAGE before the sp_spaceused. For a specific table: DBCC UPDATEUSAGE(&l......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 16 2011 3:12AM
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  • 0

    DB2 event monitor and snapshot monitor

    I collect database usage information in two different ways. Snapshots and Monitoring Events. Either method collects real-time database usage information such as SQL queries, buffer pool activity and locking information. An event monitor is a statement that defines a monitor to record defined eve......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 15 2011 11:12AM
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    Should libraries be installed on database servers?

    A developer asked me if he could install “” on a Production database server. This dll is part of the Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object Library. This would satisfy his requirement to run a transformation on an Excel file, as part of a SSIS job. The database s......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 15 2011 3:12AM
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  • 0

    DB2 instance won't start and db2 fault monitor

    A DB2 instance wouldn't start at boot time. I checked db2set and it was AUTOSTART=YES. After some investigation I discovered the missing fmc section from inittab. The fmc refers to the Fault Monitor Coordinator. I resolved the problem by executing: /opt/IB......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 12 2011 11:12AM
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    Database Tuning overview – Buffer Tuning

    As part of the Performance Tuning series – Performance Stack, this section looks at Buffer Managment tuning. The purpose of the series is a general approach to Performance Tuning – independent of database server platform. A large proportion of DBAs support more than one type of databas......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 11 2011 3:12AM
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  • 1

    SQL Server Storage and IO performance

    The Storage manager asks the DBA questions about SQL Server Storage suggestions. As the DBA you will need to answer or advise the recommendations. This could happen when a) a new storage array is under consideration b) Performance analysis c) Data Centre migrations. These are questions I&rsqu......

    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 11 2011 1:54AM
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