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A weblog about Microsoft Access, SQL Azure, and SQL Server Tips and Code Samples
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Patrick Wood's Blog

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    Use Access to Organize and View Your Photos and Graphics

    You can easily create an Access Database to organize and view your photos and graphic images. You can store your images in Access tables but it takes up an enormous amount of memory and bloats your database. It is best to keep your images and graphics in a Directory on your hard drive. You can th......

    Patrick Wood  Posted on Jan 17 2008 8:22AM
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    Free Church Management Database Download

    I have not posted here for a while because I have been very busy with a major software project. I am pleased to announce that I have released a Free Beta Access Database Application for small to mid-sized Churches. It is called Church Management Software Solutions. You can read more about it here an......

    Patrick Wood  Posted on Oct 22 2007 10:16AM
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    Easy Option to Close One Form While Opening Another

    Last time we learned how to use a Custom Function to save time and coding. Now we will learn how to create another simple Function that give you the option of closing your form before opening another. Too many open Forms can be confusing and wastes memory. Also, as before, we have the benefit of usi......

    Patrick Wood  Posted on Jun 28 2007 8:33AM
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