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Geniiius's Blog

SQL Server ® 2012 Release Candidate (RC0)

Nov 18 2011 12:00AM by Geniiius   

Finally it is here, the SQL Server 2012 RC0 is ready for download, click this link and you’ll be downloading the good stuff in seconds. While you are downloading, you might want to have a look at some of these links, to read the official Microsoft information on what’s new in SQL Server 2012 RC0 – you get that information by clicking on this link.

Geniiius blog posts

Did you miss out on some of the blog post that we from Geniiius have written in the last couple of months, here is some of the most popular once, have a look and judge for yourself:

Work to do

I am not sure if we ever mentioned this, but our CRM product – GeniiiusCRM – is actually running on SQL Server Denali CTP1. This means work for us in the following days upgrading to RC 0.

Have fun installing and downloading


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