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Richard Douglas - SQL Server Professional

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    Speaking Engagements

    It only seems like a couple of weeks ago since I wrote a post about new years resolutions which you can read here, scary thing is it’s almost time to think up some new ones. Whilst some of my goals for the year have slipped I’m glad to say that I have exce...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Nov 15 2011 12:00AM
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    SQLRelay: The Final Sprint

    The UK SQL community has never had so many events in such a short space of time. Last week there were three days of SQLBits and this week all 15 SQL User Groups have held a free event with each meeting having a session presented by a SQL Server MVP. This f...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Oct 6 2011 12:00AM
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    SQLRelay: The Third Leg

    Feedback from the second leg of SQLRelay was very positive indeed. The attendees from my Maidenhead group were very impressed and glad they had a user group near them. Navigate to to see if there is a user group near you, if the...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Oct 5 2011 12:00AM
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