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Richard Douglas - SQL Server Professional

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    SQL Saturday #194 Exeter – A presenters review

    This weekend was full of a range of emotions for me. Grab a beverage and I’ll tell you all about it…. The Journey On the Friday I had arranged to take my 70-451 exam at lunchtime at a test center just outside Birmingham which would provide me w...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Mar 11 2013 12:00AM
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    100th blog post

    Unless you’ve entered “100th blog post” into your favourite search engine and clicked on pot luck (or whatever it is) you’ll know that I pretty much always blog about SQL Server. Not this time! Today, I thought I would share a littl...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Mar 1 2013 12:00AM
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    As one door closes another one opens

    Normally I try and keep the things that happen at work separate from my blog, however it’s been an interesting month at Quest to put it mildly so it’s time for a bit of a catch up. For week’s there had been speculation surrounding a mystery bidder during t...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Jul 23 2012 12:00AM
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    Choosing the right professional

    I’m writing this blog post from my bed, you may think that’s a little too much information there is a good reason for telling you this as it provided the inspiration for this post. I hadn’t been feeling particularly well at the tail end of last week but pu...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Jan 11 2012 12:00AM
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    2011 – The dissection

      Blimey, doesn’t seem like a year since I wrote my last end of year review End of year review 2010 and goals for 2011 Things didn’t quite go to plan, mainly because of an unexpected career change this majorly shifted a number of my priorities which meant ...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Jan 1 2012 12:00AM
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    Speaking Engagements

    It only seems like a couple of weeks ago since I wrote a post about new years resolutions which you can read here, scary thing is it’s almost time to think up some new ones. Whilst some of my goals for the year have slipped I’m glad to say that I have exce...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Nov 15 2011 12:00AM
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    Top 5 Third Party Quotes

    Unless you’ve worked in a vacuum the likelyhood is that you either are a third company or you have many third companies with you, possibly both. Some are really really good and you can learn a lot from talking to them and working things out together, other...

    Richard Douglas  Posted on Nov 9 2011 12:00AM
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