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This blog contains various articles on the SQL Server. Also this blog contains various interview questions on the SQL Server. Through this blog I try to make the learning of SQL Server/ BI and SQL DBA very easy and in a quick time.

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Technology With Vivek Johari

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    Isolation levels in SQL Server

    Isolation levels :- Isolation level is required to isolate a resource and protect it from other transactions. This is achieved with the help of locks but what locks are needed and how they can be established is decided on the isolation level set on the...

    Vivek Johari  Posted on Aug 19 2012 11:46AM
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    SQL Server Functions- An Introduction

    SQL FUNCTION: - Function in a database can be defined as the code segment consisting of a logical group of SQL statements which takes some input arguments (if required), run in a sequential order and returns the output either in the form of a single va...

    Vivek Johari  Posted on Jan 29 2012 4:52AM
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    SQL Triggers - An Introduction

    Introduction Triggers can be defined as the database objects which perform some action for automatic execution whenever users try to do execute data modification commands (INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE) on the specified tables. Triggers are bound to specifi...

    Vivek Johari  Posted on Jan 29 2012 4:51AM
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    Cursor in sql server

    Sometimes our application required a database object which allows manipulation of data from a set of rows on row by row basic which means single row at a time. Cursor is the database object which solves this problem. With the use of cursor, we can fetch a...

    Vivek Johari  Posted on Nov 15 2011 9:59AM
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    Sql Server View

    Views:- View can be described as virtual table which derived its data from one or more than one table columns.It is stored in the database. It is used to implements the security mechanism in the Sql Server. For example, suppose there is table called Emplo...

    Vivek Johari  Posted on Nov 15 2010 4:25PM
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    How to find duplicate values in a table

    Sometimes duplicate values in tables can create a major problem when we do not make a primary key or a unique key on a table. In these cases we need to find out the duplicate records and need to delete them. We can use the Having Clause to find out that du...

    Vivek Johari  Posted on Nov 15 2010 4:24PM
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