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part 8 of “Getting started with SQL Azure” series is live!

Nov 29 2011 12:00AM by Paras Doshi   

Aim of “Getting started with SQL Azure” series is to offer you a set of brief articles that could act as a Launchpad for your to-be wonderful journey of exploring Microsoft’s cloud based database solution i.e. SQL Azure.

In part 8, I have discussed following administrative tasks:

1. Managing firewall rules

2. Managing SQL Azure servers, databases and Logins

3. Troubleshoot connection issues

4. Monitoring database size and costs

5. Monitoring SQL Azure availability

6. Migrating to SQL Azure



Part 1: We defined SQL Azure and discussed advantages of SQL Azure

Part 2: We created an Azure account and created our very first SQL Azure database

Part 3: We discussed about the provisioning and the billing model of SQL Azure

part4: We discussed the SQL Azure architecture

part 5: we discussed the SQL Azure security model

part 6: We discussed how to migrate databases to SQL Azure.

Part 7: We discussed how to improve performance and backup options in SQL Azure

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Paras Doshi
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