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Datta's Ramblings on Business Intelligence 'N' Life

Coding Standards and Best Practices

Sep 24 2011 12:00AM by Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)   

As part of any software development process, different developers work on different parts of the module/project. As a result of this there is a possibility of variation in the guidelines being followed across different parts of the code based on the thought process of different developers which is a bad sign. As the size of the module/project and the team grows, the inconsistency across different parts of the code becomes more visible and turns out to be a challenge especially when it comes to the maintenance phase of the project.

To overcome the above problem, it is very important that we define and follow Coding Standards and Best Practices to ensure that the inconsistencies are eliminated and a high quality product/service is delivered.

SQL Server/Microsoft BI development is no different from this and requires following specific Coding Standards and Best Practices.

Following are some of the benefits of following Coding Standards and Best Practices:
  • Ensures consistency in terms of the standards across different parts of the code.
  • Any new resource who is on-boarded to the project, can easily adopt these standards as the standards in the code will have a pattern which is easy to identify.
  • Subsequent code changes and debugging of issues becomes easy during the maintenance phase.
I will be writing a series of articles on Coding Standards and Best Practices in the coming days. I will be posting links to each of the articles in this blog post.

Republished from Datta's Ramblings on Business Intelligence 'N' Life [21 clicks].  Read the original version here [1 clicks].

Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)
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