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SinghVikash Blog

How to download your EPF e-Passbook?

Dec 24 2012 12:00AM by Vikash Kumar Singh   

Employee Provident Fund i.e. EPF is a significant part of every working professional pay slip. All working professional save a chunk of their hard earn money through Provident Fund in India. A similar tool is available in other countries worldwide.

Employee Provident Fund organization provides many tools to check the balance and interest accumulated over the years in your provident fund account. Recently the governing body has launched the facility to get and see your Provident fund Passbook i.e. e-Passbook. It is very similar to your bank passbook. Just like you see every transaction occurred in your bank account in your passbook, you will get to see every amount deposited in your provident fund account as well as interest accumulated in the e-passbook.

To see your e-passbook you need to visit the member portal of Employee Provident Fund. The website address is

You need following things before you can register and see your e-Passbook.

1. Your Provident Fund account number
2. An active mobile number
3. An Identity card. Currently the Member portal accepts following identity cards:
     a. PAN Number
     b. AADHAR(UID) number
     c. National Population Registration number
     d. Bank Account number
     e. Voter ID card
     f. Driving License
     g. Passport number
     h. Ration Card number

Once you have the PF account number, mobile and Identity card ready with you, you can navigate to Member Portal site. You need to click on Register button.

You need to fill up the registration form. You need to provide your mobile number and your Identity card number.  Once you fill up the form, you need to click on Get Pin button.

You will receive the PIN number on your mobile from Member portal. Once you have the pin number in your mobile inbox, you are ready to proceed further. You need to enter your PIN number and click on Submit button.

You will see the Registration successful message appears on the screen.

Click on Please Login link and it will take your E-Passbook page. You need to click on Download E Passbook menu and select Download E Passbook option.

You need to select your State and Region name from the screen page.

The next thing is you need to provide your Provident fund account number and name as it appears on your PF slip and click on Get PIN.

You will again received a message with a PIN number on your mobile from Member portal . Once you received the PIN, you  need to enter the Pin number and click on submit button.  If your e-Passbook is not read with the Member Portal you will receive a message to sent request to get your e-Passbook.You need to click on the button.

Member portal will send the request to your Provident Fund office and it will inform you on the mobile when your passbook is available. In my case it took two weeks and I received SMS that my e-Passbook is available.

Once you received the SMS that your e-Passbook is available, you can login into Member portal using the same Identity card and mobile number that you used during registration and click on Download E-Passbook. You will get to see a PDF file, download it and you have your e-Passbook available to you.

Thanks for reading this Post!

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Vikash Kumar Singh
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