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Climbing the cliffs of C#
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Dec 11 2011 12:00AM by simone   

The voting for the conference just ended, and just in time for the opening of the registration at noon we published, on the new web site the list of the 19 sessions chosen by the more than 180 voters:

  • Perché a fare i preventivi facciamo così schifo? (Cristiano Rastelli)
  • DDD Brutto Sporco e Cattivo (Alberto Brandolini)
  • Organize your chickens: NuGet for the enterprise (Xavier Decoster)
  • SignalR. Code, not toothpaste. Using SignalR for realtime client/server communication (Maarten Balliauw)
  • WinRT e il futuro dello sviluppo per Windows (Lorenzo Barbieri)
  • oData può rappresentare il futuro del DataLayer? (Raffaele Rialdi)
  • Using RavenDB in the wild (Mauro Servienti)
  • ASP.NET MVC, Javascript MVVM e WCF REST Services: web to the max (Roberto Messora)
  • TDD everywhere (Matteo Migliore)
  • Sviluppare applicazioni web mobile con Asp.Net MVC, HTML5 e jQuery Mobile (Michele Aponte)
  • Git Happens! (alessandro cinelli)
  • Layered Expression Trees feat. CQRS (Andrea Saltarello)
  • Roslyn: un compilatore per amico (Alessandro Melchiori)
  • Java Viene da Marte, Ruby da Venere (Paolo Perrotta)
  • I Love Async! (Antonio Liccardi, Emanuele Garofalo)
  • Building awesome games with WebGL and Node.js (Rob Ashton)
  • Come implementare un server per giochi on line in real time (Massimiliano Mantione)
  • OOP vs COP - Classi contro oggetti (Gianluca Padovani)
  • Oltre lo schermo: la user experience delle "cose" (Daniela Panfili)

Interesting to see is the fact that there will be 3 speakers from the .NET Belgian community, Maarten, Xavier and Rob.

Another interesting fact is the list of topics not selected by the voters:

  • Neither of the almost 10 proposals about Azure and cloud have been selected: is cloud a topic that still not many people care about, at least in Italy? Or just SignalR and WinRT and RavenDB are just more interesting?
  • Also not a single proposal about Agile practices reached the top 19. Is people sick of listening to the same things? or are user-stories, kanban, and friends something that are now part of the standard development practices?
  • Other topics that didn't make the top 19 are mobile web and "advanced" javascript: still people think of javascript as a toy language and see mobile web as something unnecessary?
  • Finally I was relieved not to a single session about ORMs… I hope it means that we finally reached a level where we don't need to debate on how to save data any more

If you speak or understand Italian, and want to come to the conference, the registration opens this noon, 12 Dec at 12:12. If you don't speak Italian, there will be 3 presentations (out of 5 time slots) in English, so you could still enjoy more than half of the conference. The places are limited, so be quick with your mouse if you want to secure a place.

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