Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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    Multiple query plans for the same query?

    A while back i was creating a stored procedure to be used for pulling data from the SQL Server into cacti. The procedure was pulling data from a rather large table, which I had made sure was indexed properly for my query. When I executed the stored procedure from SQL Server Management Studio it ran ......
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    Geniiius  Posted on Oct 25 2011 12:00AM
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    10x DBA

    A couple of years ago, I heard some new terms: “10x developer” and “2x developer”. A 10x developer seemed to complete tasks almost instantly. A 2x developer took a long time to complete a task. These terms can also be applied to other jobs such ......
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    Jack Vamvas  Posted on Aug 16 2011 7:51AM
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