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Previous & Next options on posts.

Feb 16 2012 12:00AM by webmaster   

We got feedback from many of you about having previous/next options in the tutorials. As a result, we added links to the previous and next article on footer of each post.

Tutorial Module - Previous/Next Button

Feedback Item 1

While adding the previous/next links on the tutorial footer, we thought it may be useful to have it also on the top of the article. We talked to a few readers and received mixed response. So we decided to leave it there for a while and see how everyone feels.

Tutorial Module - Previous/next button - top

We would like to hear what you think about it having those links on the top of the post. We thought of waiting for your feedback and decide whether to keep it there or not.

Feedback Item 2

We would like to know what you all think about having similar links on other modules such as Just Learned or Blogs etc? Do you think it will be useful? We are eager to hear your feedback on this.


247 · 1% · 184



  • On Item# 1, I think Previous Link can be at the left top corner and Next Link can be at the right bottom corner. On Item# 2, It will definitely make sense to have it on blogs, Just Learned etc.

    commented on Feb 16 2012 12:02PM
    Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)
    42 · 4% · 1336
  • This is great and really make sense. The readability will be more and the link make sense. I am very happy with this.

    commented on Feb 16 2012 12:15PM
    Manas Ranjan Dash
    39 · 5% · 1484
  • This will help readers in reading more blogs and posts.

    commented on Feb 16 2012 11:26PM
    Ashish Jain
    453 · 0% · 88
  • @Datta,

    We originally tried to place them on left and right. But then we cannot display the title of the post. Some titles are really long and they wrap down to multiple lines. It looked good on wide-screen monitors, but was really bad on others. That is the reason why we decided to place them one below the other.

    commented on Feb 17 2012 1:47AM
    247 · 1% · 184
  • Item#2 is fine, What about the look if Previous link place on left bottom corner and Next link on right bottom corner and post title displays as popup on mouse over?

    commented on Feb 17 2012 2:14AM
    Paresh Prajapati
    6 · 23% · 7533
  • This is a really great usability feature! As for the location of the links, I personally prefer having them at the bottom so that after the reader has read the original post, they have the choice to explore for more. After all, we wouldn't want readers to jump around directly without reading the post.

    I would vote to have the "continued reading" links in blogs and interview questions.

    commented on Feb 17 2012 11:19AM
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648
  • What I meant was, Previous Link can be on Left Top Corner and Next Llink can be on the Right Bottom Corner. This way say a user landed up on 4th part of the series instead of 3rd or 2nd then they can right away use the left top navigation to go to the previous articles without requiring to scroll down all the till the bottom of the current article. On the other hand, if the reader finished reading the current article and wants to go to the next one, then they can do so by directly clicking on the Next Link at the bottom right corner since anyways they would have arrived at the bottom by the time they would have finished reading the article.

    commented on Feb 17 2012 11:34AM
    Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)
    42 · 4% · 1336
  • We made a few updates.

    1. Removed the previous/next links from the top of the tutorials, and left only at the bottom
    2. Added previous/next links on a number of other modules, such as:
      1. Just Learned
      2. Interview Questions
      3. Blogs
      4. What is New
      5. etc..

    Looking forward to hear more comments..

    commented on Feb 20 2012 12:18PM
    247 · 1% · 184

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