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Inviting feedback on the new search pages

Dec 30 2011 9:20PM by Jacob Sebastian   

We have been working on improving the search experience and just released a beta version of the search module. We invite your comments and feedback on the search page at which is the temporary home page of the seach module.

Please feel free to share with us what you like, dislike or your suggestions for improvements.

Tags: search

Jacob Sebastian
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  • I'm having trouble finding where to submit a new "just learned" tip. I started--logically, I thought--with the "Just Learned" menu item.

    Aha! I just figured it out. The big blue rounded-corner boxes on the left side of the page do NOT look like links. They look like menu headings. When I saw the phrase "Submit a tip" it was not clear I could click it--it didn't look like a button or a link. Instead, it looked like I had to search first (which actually makes sense to avoid duplication). But then after searching, there was still no clear link for submitting a tip.

    commented on Jun 26 2012 11:39AM
    66 · 3% · 898
  • I see your point. We will work on making the user interface more user friendly.

    commented on Jun 26 2012 12:16PM
    Jacob Sebastian
    1 · 100% · 32235
  • Please know that I think you're doing a great job with the site, though.

    One other thing--in code preview, underscores don't look like they'll work correctly:


    looks like "some& #95;code" (though without a space, plus the entity itself gets converted to an underscore in the preview)

    We'll see what these look like in the actual post.

    commented on Jun 26 2012 1:09PM
    66 · 3% · 898
  • Thanks Erik,

    The problem with underscores is really disturbing and we are already looking for a replacement for the mark-down control we are currently using for the comments. We will either fix this problem or replace the control soon.



    commented on Jun 26 2012 1:16PM
    Jacob Sebastian
    1 · 100% · 32235
  • How to add another item in blog.

    commented on Nov 25 2012 11:41PM
    747 · 0% · 44

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