Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur


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    Add info about version

    I am thinking about extend posts of 'Just Learned' or 'Blogs' about required version of **SQL Server**. Maybe its not needed - just many people write that in title (for example), when its some new feature - but it may be helpful to find it out. If you...

    Adam Tokarski  Posted on Apr 2 2012 12:00AM
  • Consolidated Emails and Notifications

    Currently the notifications are sent very frequently like even when a comment is made on tip or post. Say some 20 people have commented on a tip, then you would end up getting 20 emails apart from news letters etc.There should be a consolidation in this area to minimize the number of emails and notifications....

    Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)  Posted on Feb 18 2012 12:00AM
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