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The discoveries of a database administrator who is learning by working with SQL Server. Every day is an adventure.

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Pay it forward

Dec 10 2012 12:00AM by GBurnett   

Alright, I'm getting off the sideline to make some contributions to the deep and wide pool of SQL Server knowledge.  I continue to benefit daily from the people who make the extra effort to document and share their experiences and perspectives on the internet.  I consume articles and blogs and even the comments to such in a voracious manner.  I'm getting enough depth now as a database administrator to put some of my own findings on the internet and hope that it helps someone turn a difficult corner now and them.

I am a full time DBA working in Virginia of the United States of America with a very dynamic, progressive company.  We are busy with a large number of SQL Server instances whose versions presently range from 2005 through 2012.  Additionally, I am a husband to an amazing woman and a father to some incredible children.  My interests are varied... for example: currently I am reading an account of the Lewis and Clark expedition, plus I am taking a self-paced course in statistics, and I am making time to prepare for a MCTS certification (SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance).

All this is a general introduction with my hopes that, with all the fascinating things going on around me professionally, I can add to the rich repository of SQL Server information that is available on sites such as this one: Beyond Relational.  Comments are appreciated and questions will be answered in as timely a manner as can be accommodated by myself (or others participating on this blog).

'adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit'
Latin: Add a little to a little and there will be a great heap


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  • I am Looking forward to see plenty of tips and learn from your experience as a seasoned DBA.

    I always hear people asking help/tips to fine tune their DBA skills. (here is an example which you may want to step in and help.) In addition there is also a DBA Mentoring Corner where you may want to spend some time and help Upcoming DBAs.



    commented on Dec 11 2012 7:45AM
    Jacob Sebastian
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  • Thanks very much for the heads up, Jacob! I will check those out, and look forward to making contributions and continuing to learn myself!

    • Greg
    commented on Dec 11 2012 7:56AM
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  • Awesome, and welcome to a new adventure i.e. Blogging! :)

    commented on Dec 11 2012 6:46PM
    Paras Doshi
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