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SSIS - Delete files older than retention period from specified folder using Script Task in SQL Server

Feb 4 2012 12:00AM by Paresh Prajapati   

Earlier we have seen for the Delete file using Script Task and files deletion using File System Task in SSIS. We have directly wrote the logic to get the files and delete from specified folder in the script for the Script Task. For File System Task we have Used Foreach Loop Container and variables to hold file names which are passed from earlier stage one by one and then finally used with File System Task to delete it.

Here we have same but not to delete all the files inside passed folder but get deleted files which are older than specified days. This is nothing but minor change in script where we pass the folder path and retention period. Lets start the steps as following,

1. Let check the files from the target folder.

2. Drag and drop Script Task.

3. Open script editor from the properties.

4. Apply attached script in editor which have additional logic with condition to check the file lat modified date and check if older than specified retention period or not.

Please note here we need to import system.IO namespace.

5. Turn on final step and run package. Files older than specified retention period get deleted.

You can also find script code here,
--// You need to apply below one line in "namespaces" region.
using System.IO;

--//You need to apply below lines inplace of  // TODO: Add your code here
int RetentionPeriod = 3;
string directoryPath = @"E:\ImagesBackup";
string[] oldFiles = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(directoryPath, "*.png");
     foreach (string currFile in oldFiles)
                FileInfo currFileInfo = new FileInfo(currFile);
                if (currFileInfo.LastWriteTime < (DateTime.Now.AddDays(-RetentionPeriod)))

Hope you liked this post. Stay tuned for more.

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Paresh Prajapati
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"SSIS - Delete files older than retention period from specified folder using Script Task in SQL Server" rated 5 out of 5 by 6 readers
SSIS - Delete files older than retention period from specified folder using Script Task in SQL Server , 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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