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Working with Application Role - SQL Server

Jan 20 2012 12:00AM by Paresh Prajapati   

In last post we have seen custom database roles as how can we create it and assign required access to users. We also noticed that we can add multiple members with same role. That was the security with database roles and members comes into the picture. Now here we will study of Application Role. This is the security for the application level and no such members comes into the picture. Continue Reading...

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Paresh Prajapati
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  • Here's the problem with Application Roles. They are almost exactly the same as everyone using the same SQL Server Login and password, something that is listed as a Worst Practice. The only difference is the user connects to the server under their own credentials (either Windows Authentication or a SQL Login), then switches to the Applicaiton Role's security context (so it is possible that someone has the Application Role and password, but won't be able to connect).

    The other downside is the user is interacting with the database under the security context of the Application Role. Any rights assigned to the user's Login or User are completely ignored. This can make security audits and troubleshooting very confusing if the use of Application Roles is not clearly documented and the documentation is accessible.

    My question around Application Roles has always been: how is this superior to using user-defined Database Roles and adding AD Users, AD Groups or SQL Users to the user-defined Database Role?

    commented on Feb 12 2012 4:39PM
    Marc Jellinek
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"Working with Application Role - SQL Server" rated 5 out of 5 by 4 readers
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