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Vishal Pawar is workin in The Most Group as MSBI Solution Architech
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Vishal Pawar's Blog

How to do Free LinkedIn Connection Analytic with Power BI Desktop

Sep 29 2015 12:00AM by Vishal Pawar   

Hi Friends,

Hi all, this is my first LinkedIn blog so I wanted to dedicate this to LinkedIn, That’s why I have blogged about this in LinkedIn too, Click here to see LinkedIn Post !

After exciting Power BI GA release every one of us want to get hands on easy, powerful yet free analytics, so thought of blogging about Power BI experience here!

For detail post and image visit LinkedIn blog page -

In this article you are going to learn how easily you can use Power BI to analyze all your LinkedIn connection easily, fast and do some immediate action.

At the end of this post you will be able you will be able to analyze LinkedIn connection for free, on your own.

Note – All example I have mentioned here are dummy, I have shared nothing, but you all can spread this message to everyone, let’s make everyone Data Analytics Rich which is at no cost !

I am going to explain in this article in faster way, without getting into detail.

Faster way is for One who are Power user, who don’t have much time for going into to detail step and just wanted to analyze linked connection without reading more details

Let’s Start IT!

Follow following three steps blindly to analyze and get insight of your all LinkedIn Connection Analytics.

Step 1 – Download Power BI Desktop, It’s free and all installation details are on my blog here, or go to Microsoft website here to direct download!

Step 2 – Export your LinkedIn connection in CSV format.

If you know how to download all connection in CSV format, please move strait to step 3.

Step 3 – Click here Download free Power BI file (.PBIX), which has existing dashboard and everything ready for your analytics.

This File contains three different page with different analytics such as for Job title analysis, Name analysis and Company Analysis.

When you will download Power BI file (.PBIX), open same on double clicking, First time you will see following screen, Just click on Edit Queries without doing anything here as shown in bellow image

Click on Connection and then click setting after that on Export LinkedIn Connection, as shown in below image –

This page will appeared, where you can Export and download all your LinkedIn connection in CSV format Once clicking export, it will ask you Security Verification to verify you are not robot! Prove it , I think it’s also your eye test !

You can add or remove filter as you want by just adding custom column.

Additionally you will also find two different page for Name and Company analysis.

Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any question !


Vishal Pawar
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