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Over clause enhancement in Sql 11 Denali (SQL Server 2012) CTP 3

Aug 28 2011 3:12AM by Niladri Biswas   

In Denali (SQL Server 2012) CTP 3, the Over clause has been enhanced a lot. Let us look into them as below

a.Rows and Range

These keywords specifies that the function will be applied for every row a window use for calculating the function result. The Rows specifies the window in physical units while Range does it in logical offset. These keywords must be use in conjunction with order by clause.

b.Between..And clause

Defines the start (expression before And clause) and end point (expression after And clause) of the window.

c.Unbounded Preceding

It indicates that the window starts at the first row of the partition.

d.Unbounded Following

It indicates that the window ends at the last row of the partition.

e.Current Row

Depending on the Row or Range specified, it indicates that the window initiates at the start row or value.

N.B.~If we ignore the windowing clause completely, then the default Range Between Unbounded Preceding and Current Row is taken into consideration.

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Niladri Biswas
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"Over clause enhancement in Sql 11 Denali (SQL Server 2012) CTP 3" rated 5 out of 5 by 2 readers
Over clause enhancement in Sql 11 Denali (SQL Server 2012) CTP 3 , 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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