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Powerful Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

May 24 2011 4:41AM by Neeraj Kaushik   

Extensions or Add Ins save application development time and make smart code. Visual Studio has vast list of these extension available. I am giving brief about some very useful and powerful extension here, but before this you need to know how to install these extensions.

How to Install Extensions

  • Open Visual Studio.
  • Go to Tools->Extension Manager.
  • You will find Installed Extensions and Online Gallery of extensions.
  • Download extension.

Indent Guides

This extension adds vertical lines at each indent of code. It is very useful to maintain indent in code.


You can read more about this extensions at

VS10x Code Map v2

This is code visualizer extension that displays a graphical nested representation of the current code editor window (C# and VB.NET). It helps the developer visualize type nesting, implemented interfaces, regions, member type and scope, as well as quickly navigate to their respective positions in code

There are some good features of this extension:


You can read more about this extension at

Visual Assist X

This is one of great extension which reduces development time with key features like refactoring code, fast search, instant navigation etc.


You can read more about Visual Assist X at

AutoCode 2010

This is my favorite extension which really reduce my development effort. It can generates more code by less typing. There is enough documentation available to use this.


  • More than 100 useful commands.
  • Commands invoke on ctrl+Enter.
  • Construct class, common methods with single line of code.
  • Create regions of code blocks
  • Create summary block.
  • Support custom commands.


You can read more about this at

Hopefully this information will help you in your development.

Tags: #DOTNET, #ASP.NET, ASP.NET, brh, .NET, Refactoring, Tools, VSTS2010,

Neeraj Kaushik
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