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Nakul Vachhrajani is a Technical Specialist & Systems development professional with iGATE. He holds a MCTS (SQL Server 2008: Implementation & Maintenance)
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November 2012 9 - Creating a new blog - Configuring Windows Live Writer for your blog

Mar 20 2012 3:09AM by Nakul Vachhrajani   

One of the most popular of the blogging tools currently being used is the Windows Live Writer. In order to configure the Windows Live Writer to work with your blog on the Blogs Module of, you only need to follow the following very simple steps. If you don’t have your own blog space, and would like to have one, please refer Appendix A for details on how can help you.

Launch Windows Live Writer and choose to add a new blog account.

(Note: If you are using Windows Live Writer on the concerned workstation for the first time, it would directly ask you to Add a blog account. All other steps are same as those described below).
When asked for the type of Blog Service to use, choose “Other”

Next, supply the following information:
1. Your Blog Home page URL (Refer Appendix B to learn how to identify your blog’s home page URL)

2. Your login User Name

3. Your login Password

Next, select the following:
1. Blog type: Metaweblog API
2. Posting URL:

(NOTE: The blog type and posting URL remain constant for all bloggers throughout the website)
The system will now attempt to detect your blog editor settings
Allow Live Writer to create a temporary post in order to download the blog editing theme.

Downloading the blog editing into Windows Live Writer theme allows you to preview your blog as it would appear when published on your blog.
Finally, a confirmation message is displayed confirming that the blog setup with Windows Live Writer is ready for use!

Click “Finish” and that’s it. Windows Live Writer is now configured to post to your blog on

Important note: The blog stream on the website is a cached page. If your blog is not visible on the stream straightaway, please check back after some time (30 minutes worked for me)

All you need to do now is to start writing! Happy Blogging!

Until we meet next time,

Be courteous. Drive responsibly.

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Appendix A: Creating your own blog space on

Creating a blog space on is super easy! Become a member of the community and follow the steps mentioned below to create a new blog:

Under the “Modules” section, navigate to the “Blogs” module and click on “Add New Blog”
Fill in the Title and brief summary for your blog.
After you accept to the terms & conditions, you can either choose to publish your blog immediately, or save as a draft for future review.

That’s it! Your blog is now created.


Before you can use this blog space, though, please note the following:

  1. Once you choose to “Publish” your blog, the blog is sent to the administrator for approval
  2. Once the administrator has approved the blog space request, please allow at least 24 hours for the blog to show up on your profile and become “live”

If you have questions around the terms & conditions of usage or around’s privacy policy, please refer the following links:


Appendix B: Knowing your Blog’s Home Page URL

When your blog was created, the administrator would have sent across the home page URL for your blog. In case you lost it, or would need to confirm, here are the steps that you can follow:

Go to the “Modules” section of the website. Next, click on “Blogs” to navigate to the Blogs module
Click on the “Bloggers” stream and navigate to your blog space.
Either hover over the blog link or click on it to navigate to your blog’s home page. The highlighted link in the status bar in the image above is the URL for your blog’s home page.
Per the example used in the screenshot, the home page for my blog is:


Nakul Vachhrajani
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  • Thanks Nakul for great info...

    commented on May 7 2012 12:48AM
    Chintak Chhapia
    40 · 5% · 1477
  • thanks for the info nakul...

    commented on Dec 9 2012 11:48PM
    abhIShek BandI
    106 · 2% · 503
  • Can you link your Wordpress blog to beyondrelational?

    commented on May 1 2013 8:54AM
    1370 · 0% · 17
  • Hello, Sheldon! You should be able to do this via Syndication. You can request a new syndication from the Syndicated Blogs page at: Hope it helps and welcome to the BR community!

    commented on May 2 2013 1:37AM
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648

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