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    Impersonating Sql User

    As a SQL server DBA many times you may get to hear from users that he is not able to access the database, SQL server or any of the objects in SQL server. This may sometimes that the user is passing a wrong credentials or may be is trying to connect to SQL server through some applications but due to ......
    Blogs »  Manjunath's Blog
    Manjunath C Bhat  Posted on Mar 16 2011 10:15AM
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    Find Index’s Table Name

    Hello!!.. At times i came across situations when i need to search for particular index name and on which table it is and for which database. To help me out i came across with this small piece of code yet very useful. So posting it out thought might help out. Query: EXEC sp_MSforeachdb 'USE ? s......
    Blogs »  Manjunath's Blog
    Manjunath C Bhat  Posted on Oct 25 2010 7:00PM
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