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Madhivanan's TSQL Blog

Exploring SSMS - Open Query Window at Startup

Mar 28 2012 2:50AM by Madhivanan   

As you know I have started a new series on "Exploring SSMS" by which I will be posting some features that are available in SSMS which will be very helping during the development. In this post we will see how to open query window at default when opening SSMS.

When you start SSMS, by default it opens only Object Explorer. You have to open a Query window using a toolbar. If you want to open Query Window along with Object Explorer whenever SSMS is started, you can set the following option.

In the Toolbar, goto Tools-->Options-->Startup. On the rightside window, choose Open Object Explorer and Query window from the Dropdown and click Ok. Now close the SSMS and start it again. You can see that Query window is automatically opened along with Object Explorer

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