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Madhivanan's TSQL Blog

Just Learned Posts for the month of July 2011

Aug 2 2011 3:28AM by Madhivanan   

As I have informed you earlier in this post, there are some interesting tips I have contributed in July 2011. You may find them interesting if you follow them. The following are some of my tips I posted there

Most Learned Posts of all time

Google is also a calculator
You can drop multiple tables using single DROP statement
SSMS Allows you to ask a question in the MSDN forum directly from SSMS

Just Learned Posts for the month of July 2011

Shortcut for Col is NOT NULL and col is NOT EMPTY
Arithmetic operations with datetime column
Order by clause should be always part of row_number() function
Use Regular expression for better performance
Keyword NOT can be nested or wrapped any number of times 
Short-circuit in WHERE clause
you need to wrap $ with braces to use + or - operators
variable value can be directly assigned to another variable during declaration
TEXT datatype cannot be used in a comparison or ORDER BY, but can be used in LIKE
Scope of variable in a declare statement
Unary Minus operator can be only applied with numeric datatypes
Valid/Invalid statements in Exists clause
Leading + operators will be omitted for non-integer datatypes also

SQL Server Denali

Parse function will convert data to specific datatype
TRY_CONVERT function. Returns data if successful otherwise returns null
Try_parse function return parsed data if successful otherwise returns null

Fun in Mathematics

Fun with 1
Sum of consecutive odd numbers starting from 1 is a perfect square

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