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Madhivanan's TSQL Blog

Resetting Identity Values for All Tables

Aug 23 2012 12:00AM by Madhivanan   

Pinal Dave (Blog|Twitter), Blogger,Author, Evangelist and Speaker, posted a blog post about Reseting Identity Values for All Tables. He has used the undocumented system stored procedure to perform this. As you know sp_MSForEachTable is undocumented and it is not guaranteed if it will be supported in future version.

Here is my method that uses Information_schema.columns view as base to perform this

declare @sql varchar(max)
set @sql=''
	@sql=@sql+' DBCC CHECKIDENT ('+table_name+', RESEED, 1)'

You may be interested to know various methods on identifying identity columns in this post Identifying identity columns using TSQL


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  • Nice job of avoiding the cursor built into the undocumented stored procedure and the stored procedure itself, ol' friend.

    I do have a question, though. Why would you ever want to reseed all of the tables in a given database?

    commented on Aug 23 2012 7:30PM
    Jeff Moden
    161 · 1% · 306
  • I've met with similar task to write a query to reset IDENTITY values for all tables in a database. One colleague of mine was implementing replication and he wanted that identity values in the primary database to start from 1 (as it was by default) and in the second database identity values to start from seed = 1000000. So he asked me to write similar query.

    commented on Aug 23 2012 9:47PM
    Olga Medvedeva
    67 · 3% · 896
  • Jeff Moden, although this is not often done, sometimes after testing the application in production with test data, we need to delete them and reset all identity to 1. Sometimes the client themselves want to test the application with some sample data. We reset all identity values after test data are deleted although the gaps in identity does not matter in most cases.

    commented on Aug 23 2012 11:47PM
    2 · 40% · 13039
  • Olga Medvedeva, Thanks for your additional information on this

    commented on Aug 23 2012 11:52PM
    2 · 40% · 13039
  • Jeff Moden, by Production I actually meant the newly setup database for a new/old application. My comment is not for the existing database which is in use for several years.

    commented on Aug 24 2012 1:09AM
    2 · 40% · 13039
  • it is very nice subject.but i have question if there are many more tables then variable @sql can not hold more than 8000 character.and this query gives an error.please kindly suggest how to avoid this.

    commented on Jun 7 2013 11:51PM
    Jahid Ajmeri
    127 · 1% · 402
  • @Jahid,

    Look again. The variable used by Madhivanan is a VARCHAR(MAX) which will hold up to a binary 2 billion characters, which is a tidu sum more than a mere 8,000.

    If you are stuck in SQL Server 2000 or less, then it is very likely that you will have to use a loop. In this case, the loop is used as a control device and, considering the MS wrote their original code as a cursor on steroids, it would probably be OK if you used a loop for this in SQL Server 2000 or less or if you had more than 2 billion characters of code as a result of the self concatenation that Madhivanan used.

    commented on Jun 11 2013 10:28PM
    Jeff Moden
    161 · 1% · 306
  • @Jahid,

    p.s. Don't expect to be able to print out the variable and see more than 8,000 characters because SSMS doesn't like to do such a thing. Rather, use LEN() to confirm that the variable holds more than 8,000 characters.

    commented on Jun 11 2013 10:29PM
    Jeff Moden
    161 · 1% · 306
  • This comment is waiting for moderation.

    commented on Dec 9 2014 1:31AM
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