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Jeff Wharton's Blog

SQL Server 2012 SP 1 Breaks SQL Server Database Projects

Nov 15 2012 6:18PM by Jeff Wharton   

After installing SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 you will discover that SQL Server Database Projects can no longer be opened (or created) using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).  The error presented when trying to open existing projects is:

Unable to open Database Project

This version of SQL Server Data Tools is not compatible with the database runtime components installed on this computer


(BTW, Clicking on the “Learn more…” and “Get the latest version of SQL Server Data Tools…” links at the bottom of the dialog returns “Page not Found” errors.)

To fix this problem you need to install SQL Server Data Tools - November 2012 update.  That said, when you now try and open an existing project/solution, you are advised that the project needs Migrating however no migration wizard is launched and there is no visible way of migrating the project.

To migrate your project you need to Right Click on the Project name and select “Reload Project”.


This will launch the “One-way Upgrade wizard” which converts your project into the latest version of SSDT.


Would be nice if SP 1 included the SSDT update and that the migration wizard automatically launched when opening a project.

Tags: #SQLServer

Jeff Wharton
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  • Personally, I feel that this is a bit excessive for users to adapt to. I know a couple of teams would have just recently migrated over to SQL 2012 and started to use SSDT - this is not going to go well with them.

    The problem with manual steps are that they leave room for interpretation and error.

    To me, SP1 is a service pack for the entire product - having a separate package for SSDT is hard to digest. Let's hope a fix is available soon.

    commented on Nov 16 2012 12:05AM
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648

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"SQL Server 2012 SP 1 Breaks SQL Server Database Projects" rated 5 out of 5 by 3 readers
SQL Server 2012 SP 1 Breaks SQL Server Database Projects , 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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