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Some Random Thoughts

  • 9

    And I am a MCSE in BI!

    There has been a lot of things happening in my life recently. For example, yesterday was my first wedding anniversary, I was speaking at SQL Saturday 122 (Louisville, KY) in the weekend, last Monday I finally took my road test and got my driving license...
    Blogs »  Some Random Thoughts
    Jason Thomas  Posted on Jul 25 2012 9:46AM
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  • 7

    Making a Tag Cloud with SSRS Rich Text

    One of my first blogs here was based on the Rich Text functionality in SSRS 2008. However I found very little use of that in my projects and did not explore that area much. However a recent question in the forums made me rethink on the way I thought about the rich text functionality. <img style="ba......
    Blogs »  Some Random Thoughts
    Jason Thomas  Posted on Mar 5 2012 2:04PM
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  • 7

    Adding Maps to SSRS Map Gallery

    I love working with map reports and I don’t miss a chance to fiddle around with it. In fact, I am such a big fan that I think there would be very few sessions (in English, of course!) involving SSRS and maps that I would have missed, both online and live. Also, this is one of those topics that can m......
    Blogs »  Some Random Thoughts
    Jason Thomas  Posted on Mar 1 2012 11:28PM
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  • 4

    Risk Matrix Chart in SSRS

    Greetings from Of recent, I have been getting mails from my readers whether I have forsaken Reporting Services for Analysis Services in my blog. I want to reassure all of you that this is not the case and that I will be equally focussi...
    Blogs »  Some Random Thoughts
    Jason Thomas  Posted on Jan 2 2013 11:42AM
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