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Fix Access database error - AOIndex is not an index of this table

Feb 26 2015 12:00AM by adamgorge   

I have been working with Access 2003 for so many years. Recently, after replicating the access database, I have stored it in a folder available on the same network. After that, I was not able to connect with my database and got corruption error - “AOIndex is not an index in this table”. I have tried multiple techniques to get access to my database, but did not get succeeded. I have tried to restore the database from the copy of backup, but due to wrong action, unfortunately, my backup also got corrupt. I was desperately looking for a solution to get my Access database back. Here, I will explain every technique I have tried, and will recommend the best one according to my experience.  

Access database can be corrupt due to following reasons: 

  • MSysAccessObjects table corruption.
  • Corruption in MS Access database.
  • Invalid indexes error.
  • Wrong entries in the MSysAccessObjects table. 

Available option to resolve the problem

1. Restore Backup: Firstly, if you have a backup, you can simply use the copy of database to restore the database. (Link)

2. Jet Compact Utility: Try to repair your Access database by free Microsoft Jet Compact Utility program (make sure you are applying it on a copy of your original database). The Jet Compact Utility application is used to fix the invalid index errors. 

Limitation: Jet Compact Utility will not work on the numerous corrupt Access database. It is basically used to repair any particular type of corruption cases. 

3. Compact & Repair Utility: You can also manually use the Compact & Repair Database command to repair and open a corrupted Access database file. This utility is used to rebuild the indexes. 

Limitation: Due to some limitations, this utility is also not compatible for all types of corruption cases. It can discover data that violates the indexes, it drops the index. If the table of your database is same but the index is not available then you can use Compact/Repair Utility. In case a single index responsible for the relationships to other tables as well, then this Access repair process will drop these relationships. In order to fix it you have to use some queries to identify the records which could be quite hectic.

4. Third Party Tool: You can also use a professional utility to repair and restore corrupt access database. These Access database recovery software are very reliable and efficiently designed and have the capability to recover corrupt access database in the most possible cause of corruption. You just need to download a good software and fix your issue as per the requirement. As most of the Access database recovery software are available in free demo version, so you can use it and check the accuracy of the utility before purchasing it. 

I am explaining all of the methods with their limitation because I have tried all of them due to lack of knowledge, but if you are facing the same problem do not waste your time and immediately go with a third party Access repair utility. Select a reputed professional tool and repair your Access database without any delay.

Tags: aoindex error, access database repair, fix index error

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  • This post written very well, if you want to repair the damaged Access database then you should make use of a Access repair tool. You can know more about this tool from here: Fix Corrupt Access Database using Compact and Repair


    commented on Feb 27 2015 11:28PM
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