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    Why SELECT * should not be used in view's definition

    It is a poor programming practice to use SELECT * when defining a view because:- it is not clearly defining the columns, you have to select from the view or inspect the underling tables to see the columns and their type- it can be damaging for performance to allways return all the rows when maybe yo......
    Blogs »  Ioana's blog
    IGO  Posted on Jun 27 2011 5:19PM
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    Extracting integers from strings

    Usually, if we have to extract numbers from a string, in any programming language, the first idea is to use regular expressions. How could we use regular expressions to extract integers from strings in TSQL? Let’s suppose we have a table with a string column in which we can have letters and n......
    Blogs »  Ioana's blog
    IGO  Posted on Feb 24 2011 5:28PM
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