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WPF Interview Questions

Oct 14 2011 11:27AM by Hima   

After getting very good response to the jQuery series some of the readers requested to write about WPF .  BeyondRelational is always happy to serve for what readers are ask for.  In continuation to jQuery series, I would also like to host WPF series. So Read On?

1. What is WPF ? Why it is used?

2. What is XAML?

3. What is Dispatcher Object?

4. What is Dependency Object?

5. What is the architecture of WPF?

6. What are Types of Events and Event Routing or a Routed Event?

7. What is difference between Event Bubbling Vs Event Tunneling? When to apply what?

8. What are difference between Win-Forms and WPF?

9. What are different types of Panels in WPF ? Explain them?

10. What is difference between StackPanel, DockPanel, WrapPanel and Grid?

11. What are Primitive Controls and Look Less Controls?

12. What are different important components to know in WPF? Explain them?

13. Why do you think WPF has more power?

14. What is difference between WPF and Web Applications which do you prefer? When to choose what?

15. Is Silverlight part of WPF  or subset of WPF? What is difference between WPF and Silverlight?

16. What is the class name from which all WPF objects are derived from?

17. How did you create Dependency Object?

18. How did you implement Dependency Property?

19. What is PRISM ? What are its advantages of using it in real time applications?

10. How did you install and implement PRISM in real-time applications?

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