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Basic JQuery Interview Questions

Oct 1 2011 11:24AM by Hima   

If you put jQuery in your CV, then beware, you should be able to answer following questions. Better you read on, and test yourself how much you can score.

1. What is jQuery & its significance? Why it is so popular?

2. What is jQuery UI?

3. What are various jQuery Features?

4. What do Dollar ($) sign significance in jQuery?

5. Does document.ready() function similar to onload()? (Or)Explain the importance of document.ready()?

6. How did you use jQuery in ASP.Net Application? Explain with an example?

7. Explain How jQuery Works?

8. What are the advantages using jQuery?

9. Do you prefer jQuery over JavaScript? Explain Why?

10. While developing Web Applications,  In what scenarios jQuery can be used?

11. What is jQuery Connect ? How to use jQuery Connect?

12. What is $.disconnect significance and how it is different from $.disconnectAll

13. Playing with CSS in jQuery – How to work with CSS in jQuery?

14. What is difference between jQuery and Microsoft Ajax? When do you use Ajax and When do you use jQuery? What is the significance of each?

15. What are jQuery Selectors? Explain them?

16.What are jQuery Class Selectors and ID selectors Explain them?

17.What are jQuery Element Selectors and how did you use them?

18. How did you play with jQuery Selectors -  Events ?

19.What is the significance of jQuery.NoConflict and when do we use it and how to use it?

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  • Hi Hema,

    Thanks for this useful questionnaire list. But these are basic question and while searching about more jQuery question I have come across another useful list of questions related to jQuery so thought of sharing with all your readers. This list contains not only the basic but some advance questions as well..

    Thanks, Virendra

    commented on Aug 17 2011 4:15AM
    Virendra Dugar
    2437 · 0% · 5
  • Hi , its nice work ,carry on with some new

    commented on Feb 11 2012 4:23AM
    2827 · 0% · 4
  • Hi Hima, Excellent , The way you have explained the features of Jquery, I m beginer to Jquery , I learn't a lot of interview related questions from this.

    commented on Jul 10 2012 7:46AM
    811 · 0% · 36
  • Some more questions from me:

    1) How do you compare jQuery with Dojo as a JavaScript framework?

    2) How can we create an horizontal and vertical accordion in jQuery?

    3) If a page has included version 1.7 and 1.8 of jquery script file, will the page work as expected?

    jQuery interview questions

    commented on Dec 3 2012 11:15AM
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