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Raghunath Bhandari's Blog

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    Issue with ISNUMERIC

    Today my friend asked me that ISNUMERIC function is not working properly. I checked, the issue was with some special char, might be MSSQL will improve this functionality in coming versions. For now, if we change the way of calling, it will show you the correct result. These conditions shows wro......
    Blogs »  Raghunath Bhandari's Blog
    Raghunath Bhandari  Posted on Mar 20 2012 9:42PM
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    Dynamic Order by issue

    Today one of my friend ask me, can we use Order by clause dynamically ? I said yes, but there are few limitations while using case in order by clause see the below example. This script will return Error:DECLARE @TOP INT = 10, @FLD VARCHAR(20)='AGENT_ID'SELECT TOP(@TOP) *FROM( SELECT 1 A......
    Blogs »  Raghunath Bhandari's Blog
    Raghunath Bhandari  Posted on Mar 11 2012 9:48PM
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    MSSQL Backup to Map Drive

    We can backup a SQL Server database to a mapped drive using the following script 1) First it will create Map Drive in Local PC2) Backup the Database.3) Delete the Map Drive, so that next time the same script can be used. EXEC master..xp_cmdshell 'net use z: "\\\share" password /user:......
    Blogs »  Raghunath Bhandari's Blog
    Raghunath Bhandari  Posted on Dec 12 2011 9:06PM
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