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    Regular expressions with SQL Server

    All of us know the importance of using regular expressions to filter your results or check some specific rules if it exists or not for example to check if the inserted email in the correct format or to check if the inserted string has numbers or not ..Etc and of course you can use regular expression......
    Blogs »  Fadi Abdul Wahab
    Fadi Ahmad Abdulwahab  Posted on Jul 22 2010 9:14AM
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    COALESCE and ISNULL functions

    Both of these functions are similar which allow you to replace a null value of a column with any expression belong to the same data type of this column except in one point, COALESCE has ability in case you need to pass a list of expressions to be replaced when the value comes NULL. <span style="lin......
    Blogs »  Fadi Abdul Wahab
    Fadi Ahmad Abdulwahab  Posted on May 14 2010 7:31AM
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    SQL Server and Arabic language

    I have read some articles written about how some products like Office 2010 by default support not only Hijri Date but also support UmAlQura Date and this good news. This article show you some points related to Arabic language (which is my mother tongue) with Sql Server. In general Sql server deals......
    Blogs »  Fadi Abdul Wahab
    Fadi Ahmad Abdulwahab  Posted on Mar 16 2010 2:14AM
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